| FTBL Here's how to win the helmet contest


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its almost 400,000 people!!!!

we have just a few hours more!!!

Again my employees will be fired if they dont vote 50 times!! haha :D
Birmingham said:
Alright Bama fans. Show your support for our team.

go to: www.goidle.com

where it says "enter the URL address" and there is a window with http://www.myspace.com, paste this:

This will clear the poll and allow you to vote as many times as you want.

Count your votes, show your love. I've voted 25 times in about 2 minutes, and it is and will continue to make a huge difference. Especially if we all do it together!

You voted 25 times in two minutes, and they could have voted 10,000 times in two minutes!

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