| FTBL Has anyone seen a post bowl presser from Saban

Thanks, I enjoyed listening to it. Once again I think it speaks volumes when looking at the players representing UA in the presser. I assume they're chosen by Saban and/or the team.

Gilberry spoke for the D while JPW and Caddell spoke for the offense. Glad to see Caddell up there since he has had such a good year. Glad to see him go out with some attention. He has been behind DJ and KB his entire career.

Interesting comments from Saban regarding JPW and his work ethic and the blame he has taken from the fans and media. I'm just wondering if he is already setting us up for next year. Hope not, we need competition at the QB position and we need a back-up we can actually use (Miss. State and ULM games) and be effective (i.e. Auburn and Burns).
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