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Greetings to All !!!
Some time ago few Man of Arms took me from Maxwell Air School to see the Colosseum and the Climate of American Football.Every time when I go back to that moments in US my face cannot stop smiling.

That days I bought a nice T- shirt for myself and a Cap with Alabama Club signs for my kid.
Now some more cool stuff arrived and i have 2 tickets to share to anyone who will accept it. So far I will not visit US so it will be waste to not use it.
Who is interested to take the codes for free please do not hesitate to pm e

This is how I see Life.

After seeing ocean of fans , the supporters, the Warriors with their gears , standing on the grass, the music, the Game, I knew that virtually or not I ll be back .

Roll Tide!

p.s. I can help with tourist info etc about my country,
no politics and big people with their big ideas allowed.


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