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I was psychojoe, the lovable mental patient on the old RollTideFan board, and Javvy had created an avatar for me of a guy wearing a Napoleon hat and a crimson straight jacket. When that board went away so did the avatar. Can anybody create something like that for me?


Heyy guys im new on here just entered and i was wonderin if someone could make me a sig and avatar for my boy Julio Jones or anyone, anything thats easier for you thanxs.


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JJ, welcome aboard. I'll PM our graphics guys for you myself and we'll get you squared away.

In the meantime, I hope to see you posting on the forums with the rest of the gang.

Welcome aboard. :)


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In the mean time, feel free to use this sig I created.



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BamaFish13 said:
i just need help getting a picture on the above the info and rep thing...thanks RTR
You will need another site to host the image. You can do this at or imageshack. It is free to use, you will just have to create an account. Then you will copy the link to your profile here. The link you need to copy will have the brackets like so:
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