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Muscle Shoals Tide Fan said:

I haven't seen anything on it, and I'd be surprised if it is announced before July. At LSU, I think Saban held Fan Day on the Saturday following the first week of practice. I bet he'll do the same here at BAMA, but sooner or later they will make an announcement.
Muscle Shoals Tide Fan said:
anymore info on this i have heard from some people that its going to be held on august 4th??

That certainly seems like the most logical date, but there still hasn't been anything released by UA yet.
Muscle Shoals Tide Fan said:
thanks for the update, please let me know when/if you find out anything in the future

Will do. The word going around is it will be the weekend of Aug 4-5 (on Saturday or Sunday). As soon as I see or hear anything official though, I'll post it.
i just read on another board that it will be on august 5th (sunday).

the person who posted the info has a brother who is an emt and was told he had to work that day for that particular event.

no word yet on what time it will be or at which facilities (Coleman or Bryant-Denny) it will be located.
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