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Greatest Decade in Bama History?

  • 30's

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  • 40's

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  • 50's

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  • 60's

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  • 70's

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  • 80's

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  • 90's

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  • 2000's

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I said 70's. 3 NC's and another 2-3 years that they should have won it. Of course the same could basically be said for the 60's also. I gues the main reason for me picking the 70's is because I'm not old enough to remember the 60's, but I do remember the last few years of the 70's.
The 70's were a great time to be a college football fan. The coaches still wore ties, the field was grass, the games were primarily during the day. The only teams worth worrying about were Bama, USC, Notre Dame, Nebraska, Texas, Oklahoma and Penn State. With the exception of a few upstarts, no one else mattered. Bama rarely lost during the decade, and I'll wager those losses came to the teams mentioned above and vice versa. It was at this time that I became indoctrinated to Bama football. Ahhh sweet youth!
Who voted for the '20's? Do you remember watching Bama play back then? If so, WOW! Tell me all about the Bama teams from the 1920's! I just can't believe anybody out there can remember Bama football that long ago!


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