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We had a similar thread last year, and like it, I will update this one with the movement as it happens and next season's roster takes shape. Obviously, all the players in red that are set to return, won't. And others will be added via the portal. But I'll keep this updated and keep track of it as it all unfolds. As always, let me know of any errors/mistakes.

Also, keep in mind, there are 13 scholarship spots available per season. As of now, Alabama is +2 (15 scholarshipped players), which means at a minimum, 2 of the following will not return.

Current 2024/25 roster outlook as of now:
G Mark Sears (5th year Senior)

G Latrell Wrightsell Jr. (5th year Senior)

G Davin Cosby Jr. (Sophomore)
G Houston Mallette (Senior)
F Nick Pringle (5th year Senior)
F Grant Nelson (5th year Senior)
F Mohamed Wague (Senior)

F Sam Walters (Sophomore)
F Mouhamed Dioubate (Sophomore)
F Jarin Stevenson (Sophomore)

G/F Naas Cunningham (Freshman)
F Derrion Reid (Freshman)
C Aiden Sherrell (Freshman)
G Rylan Griffin (Junior)

G/F Kris Parker (Redshirt Freshman)
PG Aden Holloway (Sophomore)

Players from 2023/24 that are not eligible to return next season
G Aaron Estrada

Players eligible to return for next season that will not
G/F Kris Parker
G Rylan Griffen
F Sam Walters
F Nick Pringle
G Davin Cosby

Players signed that are set to join Alabama for next season
G/F Naas Cunningham
F Derrion Reid
C Aiden Sherrell

Players transferring in to play for Alabama next season
G Houston Mallette (Pepperdine)
G Chris Youngblood (USF)

SEC Basketball Roster Tracker
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If you want to see the entire interview with Seth Davis and Oats from this week, hit this link and keep scrolling until you get to the video that is about 38 minutes long... I can't find a way to embed or even link it... maybe someone else can. Not sure why Bleacher Report wants to get as few views as possible out of their stuff, but that's their call... Anyway, it's a good interview with informative answers from Oats. The same thing that tends to put him in the danger zone at times in front a mic, his no filter, what you see is what you get approach, also makes for some really good interviews... he gives zero canned or cliché responses like many many in his position would.



2024 – Detroit Pistons (Assistant Coach – Monty Williams)

2023 – Taipei Taishin Mars (Head Coach)

2020-2023 – Philadelphia 76ers (Assistant Coach – Doc Rivers)

2018-2020 – Agua Caliente Clippers (Head Coach)

2014-2018 – Los Angeles Clippers (Assistant Coach – Doc Rivers)

2005-2011 – Boston Celtics (Video Coordinator – Doc Rivers)

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