| FTBL Do you think Bama shows up ready to play tomorrow?

Do you think Bama shows up ready to play tomorrow?

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Not that I agree, but I will say this....If they come out flat and never get in the game....I can see changes coming in more ways than one after/if our bowl game. He really needs the kids to be prepared and step up in this one. If they play the way they played against LSU we win no doubt.
Bax excellent question and one I think we will have something special tomm. and if we don't? bringing in someone like CGS to be our AD or Ozzie Newsome needs to happen. We need leadership that can evaluate Coaching Period! I hope and pray Shula get's it done, but after 4 years of mediocrity and 0-4 against the Barn I will have had enough..........and nothing short of the SEC championship in 07 will save him. JMHO!
bamarooski said:
Delta I thought last week Bama wins! I was sadly mistaken and lost a little faith but I know you agree 5 in a row I just can't except! RTR

I can't except it or accept it rooski. :wink: :D

So, you are picking the tigers tomorrow, right? Please tell me you are. :)
No delta I missed that one but hey I got Fla. game right last year! and it sure did color our glasses crimson Bama takes it tomm. I just could not bring myself to see it any other way! RTR! I'm just to full of BAMA! :lol:
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