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What a Dick. Not that I really care what that Dick thinks.

That Dick would have said the same thing to Ole Miss before the Florida game. I don't think that Dick knows much about football.
Never thought Dicky V would give us bulletin board material.

He's entitled to his opinion, and I can see where he's coming from. He's wrong...but I can see where he's coming from.

Words and phrases like, "no shot" can come back to bite you in the arse.

No shot means...don't show up. Didn't the sports writers tell 'Bama not to show up for the Sugar Bowl against Miami???? :lol:

The dude lives in Florida (St. Pete I think) and is playing to his neighbors.

He's a basketball guy, what does he know about football anyway? Him talking about football is like going to Hollywood to get incite into Washington D.C., or asking for medical advice from the clerk in the Hospital Gift Shop. It was stupid before he opened his mouth. :roll:

I bet he didn't call Ole Miss over the Gators, not did he?
There are so many echos of the 1992 season going on right now, its unreal. I remember in 92 how we were going to get beat by Florida in the SECCG. How that we were unproven, that we hadn't played a good team, blah blah blah. Then we beat them. Did we get any respect then? NO! Then there was no way that we were going to beat Miami with their fabulous Heisman trophy winner, Gino something or other, how they were going to blow us off the field. And we all remember how that turned out right?

Just remember who the sports geniuses predicted to win the west this year? How are those moo moo cows doing again? I forget, seems like they lost about six or so.

I am not saying that we will win the National Championship this year. Even if we don't, I am darn proud of our team. But maybe, just maybe, one of these days, we will get the respect from the media that we deserve. If not, well, in the words of Coach Nick Saban "I don't give a shit". Roll Tide and Beat Auburn!
I've always noticed the following about the college football media...

If the team or teams they originally predicted to "do well" fall off the planet, the upstart teams get no respect...unless they have entertainment value.

Texas Tech wasn't supposed to play for all the marbles, but they have a flashy QB and a flashy offense.

Florida=Tebow and I have nothing to add to that. The media loves Tebow...so they love Florida.

Penn State=Paterno...nuff said.

Alabama doesn't have a flashy offense, a Heisman QB or anything that causes the media to have a love affair.

We get no respect b/c the media refuses to put "bland" over sexy. They can't give us respect, b/c that would mean a state of admission...they we're good.

Florida is the "popular vote" and it would be blasphemy to give respect to 'Bama. Alabama is a "dirty word" this year...and nobody wants to say it.

We're the "guilty pleasure" of the 2008 college football season. We're the team you watch when your Florida buddies are in the other room.

Damnit, I can't find it. It was on Mike and Mike in the morning a couple of days after CNS was hired. And Dicky V was ripping him pretty hard. I guess he jumped on the Hate-Nick-Saban bandwagon with ESPN along the the Gator lovefest ESPN has.
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