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According to his father, he'll got the MLB route if he's drafted in the first couple of rounds. I anticipate he'll be drafted that high. It's just another example of how the numbers will work out...the way I see it.
Since current NCAA rules would let him try baseball and if it didn't work out, come back and give football a shot at the college level (like Chris Weinke did at FSU) to me it seems like a pretty easy decision to pursue MLB. I saw something recently that had him ranked as #36 in the draft, which would mean some serious money.
Thanks Tim. Good link. Considering Justin Woodall went in what, the 18th round, his decision to play college ball wasn't that big of a deal.

If I were Hood and got drafted in the 1st round I'd go in a heartbeat.
He'd be crazy not to go if he is a top 50 pick overall. As for the statements made by his dad, if they want Hood to be drafted early, they have to make statements like that, publicly and privately to the media and teams. One reason Woodall was drafted so low a few years ago, is that he had made it clear that he wanted to play football... because of that teams passed over him early because they didn't want to waste a pick. If Hood indicated the same thing, there is no way he'd be a 1st or 2nd round pick. Teams just wouldn't take that chance.
psychojoe said:
Destin has great tools for baseball. I think he will be drafted early, and I wish him every success.

If I may be honest for a moment, I hope he is total failure at baseball and is at Bama on a free ride from MLB in two or three years. I think that's what most Bama fans want, whether they admit it or not. Not saying that's how you feel psycho, just saying that is the way most Bama fans I know feel about it.
Bo, I certainly would love to see him starring on our football team on Saturdays, but he just has to take this shot. I've seen a few guys who were well regarded in both sports try to pursue both and end up with football injuries that ended their prospects in baseball. Hood is a big time prospect in both, and seems to be a quality young man, so I want him to make the best life decision for himself. Besides, it looks like he can put $500k or so in the bank and get paid for playing a game, even if it means the bus leagues while he is discovering if he is good enough. If he's not, who knows, he may have grown to linebacker size when he wants to try football.
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