| FTBL Dash of bowl talk and '09 developments

Sounds about right,except I didn't hear Tebow's name 1,000 times like we usually do,and that,disappoints me. :rofl: Man,It's goin to a hard fought Championship game,the winner will most likely play Texas barring some freak accident where Texas loses and TCU jumps into the mix.

So sit back and enjoy the ride boys...The ride is almost over,Mississippi State,Chattanooga(My hometown,where I live),and The Barn(Auburn),are the games I am most worried about right now.Not if Houston and Georgia Tech play in the Gator bowl or if Clemson will play WhoGivesADamn State in the WhoCaresTacoBellBeano Bowl.

It's not important right now.:elephant::a: and Roll Damn Tide :a::a::a::a::a::a:
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