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1) 2 critical turnovers. Really can't help em. I know JP was still trying to make a play on that last one, so I can't blame him for not tucking the ball.

2) Garbage call against Matt Caddell's amazing CATCH. :shock:

3) Lack of pressure on Matt Flynn. He was performing awful anytime we'd get in his face. I think we needed some more 5 and 6 man rushes.

I will say though, I thought that the team did great!

This made me mad because Louisiana State did not deserve to win this one.

Oh well, this game gives me great confidence in our team.

BTW, did anyone else notice the CBS announcers' terrible calls?

Antoine Smith(Andre Smith)
Jacob Hester breaking a tackle(he ran into his own offensive lineman)

Talking about random things and trying to act like they know what they're talking about...

"LSU runs the ball 80% of the time when lined up in the I-Formation"
Umm, I might be mistaken, but that's generally the case with all teams..? :roll:
Once Caddell pulled the ball in to his body, he had posession of it. After that, it doesn't matter if the ground touched it, moved it, or knocked it loose.

Amazing catch in any other era, called back in this era thanks to slow-motion video and judgement of people sitting in a little booth. :twisted:
Yes, the ball was caught, pulled in, and his hands were under it the whole time. That was the worst call I've seen in a very very very long time. And I thought we had reply booths to confirm calls, not find ways to screw good plays out of the books because "it could be called either way." And last I knew it had to be indisputable.
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