| FTBL Barnes says Saban not a good fit.

politics - "I wasn't going to play" "I think I'm the best, Coach Saban thinks otherwise"

It's too bad it ended the way it did for him at Alabama. He could have just taken the high road and left and I'd still have a lot of respect for him.
I was excited when Shula landed Jimmy because at the time he was rated the second best QB out of California with only Mark Sanchez grading out better than him. Later, when I saw Jimmy play in his first A-Day game, the only word that kept coming to my mind was "slow"! The guy looked like Quasimoto under center and as bad as our OL was in 2006, there was no doubt we needed much more mobility from the position than Barnes could deliver. He ran an improvised bootleg against FIU and I thought it was going to take the poor guy 2 minutes to find the chalk on the sideline.

The only way that this would have been about politics is if we woke up the morning of the Western Carolina game only to find that Barnes was the starting QB. Fact of the matter is Jimmy is not used to being a big fish in very large lake and is used to being the big fish in a small pond. Weber St. and Ogden, UT., fit the bill very well for Jimmy (almost a very large high school environment) and I'm happy for him. If his dad could only get by his parental predjudice he would know, as a football coach, there was a good reason why Mike Reilly sent his son to Mike Shula to begin with and it wasn't because Reilly thought Shula was such a swell guy either. :roll:
He was slow and from what I saw at A day last year he always threw the ball 5 yards further than needed when the route was beyond ten yards. Wilson is at a much higher level than him. Not even an argument there. Best wishes to him anyway.
Poor guy left Alabama and went to a Division I-AA just to get playing time. That should tell you something about this kid.

He left the SEC for the Big Sky??

He left Alabama for Weber State??

Maybe Alabama was a little too difficult. Sounds to me like he's looking for something a little easier.

After announcing his intentions to leave Alabama a few weeks ago, the former Los Alamitos, Calif., star shopped himself around and finally settled on Weber State knowing the Big Sky plays at a high level in I-AA and that he'd have an excellent chance to earn the starting job.

Sometimes you have to subtract before you can add.
Well, he said that he and Saban weren't a good fit. I'm sure it had everything to do with the fact that CNS didn't think as highly of Barnes as Barnes did. Did he really think he was going to start under Shula?
I was told Saban was really high on Barnes, but didn't really know him because Barnes had missed so much with injury. He was "Slowsky" slow, but I thought he had a quick release and made great decisions (finding his RB after checking through his receivers) at last year's A-Day game. I think he just saw the writing on the wall. JPW and Gmac to beat out plus all of the 4 & 5 star kids that have been paying attention to Bama since Saban arrived may have been too much for a smart kid like Barnes to get over.

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