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Bama beats UT, Is Fat Phil in hot water?

  • No, Fat Boy has other games he can win.

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...the Hot Seat.

GOOD! When Bama goes 7-0 today and UcheaT goes 3-3 Fat Phil-my-belly-wit-some-food will most definitly be on the Hot Seat. After this week, the week Bama beats UcheaT, the Vol-tures play in South Bend against a Fairly Good ND team. Is it possible for UcheaT to go 3-4 in seven games? Yes. Yes it is. And it probably will happen. Roll Tide Roll and God Bless Dixie!! Get Loud Crowd and don't back down!
I'm not sure if he would be on the hot seat or not, and even if he was I doubt they'd fire him. My reasoning that if they did, it could open UT up to all kinds of negitive stuff. You better beleive if Phil goes down he'll take UT with him and expose some of their shady dealings to the public.

If he does leave I see it being by mutual consent.

Just my thought on it.
as an auburn fan, i can tell you i still want tuperware gone! plus the idiots that give us pansy opponents... i don't care if we beat sister mary margret's school for wayward girls... by the way kickut's butt, i only want you to have one loss at the end of the year
Who really cares if that Big Orange Fat B@$tard is fired? I think they should just keep him so the rest of the SEC can keep kickin' them around. The Vile fans should have to keep him around just so he can be embarrassed even more. It is a good thing that I didn't get to go to the game after all. I would have probably been arrested for assaulting Fat Phil on the field after the game. I usually don't condone calling out people on the forums, but that guy deserves everything he gets. The Vile fans that I know already dislike the guy because he will not get rid of his Offensive Coor. after the decline of the team. If Phil is fired I will still feel the same about UcheaT especially after all the problems they caused for Bama.
All I have to say now is HEY VOLS! HEY VOLS! .... :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
He's got a National Championship on his resume, so he's set for life (or at least the foreseeable future).

Here's to starting a new streak against Fat Phil. We STILL have one hand behind our backs, courtesy of the sanctions. The future looks bright.
Oh, hey mods and admin., thanks to who ever put my poll on the main page of the forums. Much appreciated. I feel special now, but not in a remedial way, more like a "Hey, Mel Gibson just spotted me $200,000!" kinda way. :D
I said "Don't know" and honestly, I don't care if he gets fired or not. Having him as their coach only adds fuel to the fire, so it makes me dislike them even more. So, it doesn't matter to me if he's fired or not...I'll dislike 'em either way to be honest.
I don't think he is in hot water himself, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him have alot of pressure on him to finally get rid of Randy Sanders...

With David Cutcliffe available I think UT fans dreams just might come true.
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