| FTBL Bama still #2 in AP

IMO Texas deserves their #1 ranking. They've beaten what.....3-4 top ten teams in the last few weeks? Did Penn State close the gap on us any? Seems we were ranked #2 the last time we got to the big game......& THAT turned out well! :D
planomateo said:
I'm thinking Michigan State is gonna pull an upset on Penn State.

I have had the same thought. Especially now that PSU is getting a head full of "OSU was the last hurdle to us running the table" from every media talking head.
Texas is an exceptional team and should be #1. We are an exceptional team as well and should be ranked where we are. Do I think we could beat Texas? Certainly. If we play our game, we can beat anyone, and no one can beat us.
Number 2 is fine cause all we have to do is win out and we will be in the BCSCG. It would be nice if Mich St beats PSU and texas losses then we could beat USC in the title game.
we are number 2 in coaches and harris. psu has 3 votes for #1 and we have 0 in coaches and texas lost a couple 1s in that psu picked up in harris (we still have our 6 votes there :lol:)
Crimson Hawk said:
Somehow, I get the feeling Texas loses somewhere along the line & it ends up being Bama/Penn State. At any rate, it would be a storybook NCG IF it happened. ^^MWA

I'll take the 1979 result in 2009 that's for sure :D
The #1 and #2 discussion is rather meaningless at this point.

It's the #3 spot position you do not want to fall to if you are #2.

As long as Bama stays ranked #2 heading into the bowl games, I'm content.
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