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you will wake up tomorrow morning and Nick Saban will be your head coach. I will wake up tomorrow and Fran will still be the HC of my alma mater and that makes me vomit a little bit in my mouth every time I think about it. I am just hoping our AD will do the right thing and fire him this year.

You guys will get better b/c Saban will make you better. If I remember correctly LSU played much better defense the second half of the season Saban's first year there, b/c it took them that long to understand their roles in the scheme. This was the first time I saw y'all play this year. You seemed to have some problems stopping the run. Did Grant get hurt? He had that great TD run then I did not see him again. IMO he is an elite RB and needs the ball. You lost to a talented UGA team in overtime. I still think you guys will win 8 games minimum this year. It is pretty obvious to this outsider that y'all are a tough team.
I agree, I wished that ya'll would fire him .My hate is not for the school it's him . I'm glad he is gone , but I'm pissed the way he left . He lied to the fans , players , everybody . He was like to me he didn't have any respect for UA .

Our 2 schools will be forever linked because Of The Bear & and Stallings . I wish ya'll the best the rest of the season . Maybe the AD will get rid of him soon , he is like 28-24 or something like that . Sounds to me he should have already been fired .

Saban will return us to the promise land if we can keep him with us . In the world of coaching you never know .

On a side note I would really like to us play , I think it would be great for both schools . What do you think ??
yeah, I would love to play you in a yearly nonconference game at a neutral site like the Cowboys new stadium in Arlington. home and home would not be too bad too. our AD wants us to play a neutral site game in Dallas and wants right now is trying to get a deal with Texas Tech up there which is ridiculous. playing Bama would generate a lot of interest and ticket sales though. you never know, you could end up playing us in a bowl game this year. wouldn't that be fitting for Fran.
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