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might enjoy this article on Greg Hardy:

Hardy Vision: 'Mirror, mirror, which Greg Hardy can collapse the pocket?'

For those of you who watched the Ole Miss/Florida game, you already know what kind of impact he can have on a game.

For those of you who watched last year's game against the Rebs, I'm sure Mr. Hardy caught your attention.

Here's his performance summary against the Tide from last year's game:

9 solo tackles, 4 assists, 2 forced fumbles, 3 sacks for 23 yards, and 2 QB hurries.

Okay, how do you think Bama will neutralize this player on Saturday?
I don't think he'll be a factor if we are running the ball well enough. It was only in passing situations that he killed us last year, so as long as we can run the ball he won't matter.
Tider27 said:
I just want to keep his big plays to a minimum Saturday and hope he won't make a game changing play.

Hardy's "game changing" performance last year was really limited to him showing up for a quarter (15 minutes) of play.

He really didn't have an impact in the 1st half. In the third quarter, he started with forcing a fumble by Coffee, then reeled off 4 sacks (two of those came on the same series of downs.)

The impact he made was at the right time, no doubt. With the exception of one sack on 1st down, 3 of his sacks came on 3rd and long and the fumble was on 3rd down as well.

I'll get into more detail about this game later on with a preview...but, if you want to look at one aspect that killed us it was play calling. We had series with very, VERY little diversity in play calls.
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