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All I'm gonna say is ROLL DAMN TIDE BABY! I'm fully behind Nick Saban and his staff. Im fully behind John Parker Wilson, I'm fully behind every single player out there playing. Hell yeah, we could be doing some things better, but I bet everyone on the team knows that. So I'm taking this loss and stride and not staying mired in the mud of these last two games, lets recoup after these last two tough losses and come take it out on the rest of the teams left in the season. All your gonna hear from me this week is...

ROLL DAMN TIDE! Lets get ready for Houston!
Im with ya!! I'm tired of the negativity. We are WAAAAYYYYYY better even right now than we would be right now with Shula. We would have gotten beat 70 - 0 with him. Im greatful for a close, hard fought although ugly and full of problems loss.
I'm in total agreement, we have to keep positive. Look at what auburn's done after such a bad start they just beat florida, ughhhh.......... I hate both programs but you gotta give them kudos I guess, barners are gonna be hard to live with now.
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