| FTBL All I can say is, "Wow!" [Finebaum Link]

Good read, but not necessary to be a scientific to realize Saban is getting an impact in this team... and the recruiting, of course, that's the most important thing...

My two favorites from that article:

Alabama may not be the best team in the nation. Not even close. In the end, the Tide may not even turn out to be the best team in their own state. That is yet to be determined with the sudden resurgence of the Auburn program following its historic victory over New Mexico State. :D

If I were a recruit watching Alabama's games the last two Saturday nights, I'd have to be saying: "I want to go there! That's become a fun school. Bama is smoking hot." 8)
If it weren't for the moronic Bama fans the last few weeks, this article would have been just average, but... Given I heard more than one or two idots throw out the words "National Championship" and idots that were vocally down on CMA, this should be require reading (or someone should be required to read it to them)
Good article. I am one of the vast majority that does not expect instant gratification. I am REALLY looking forward to the "Saban Era". It's gonna be fun.
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