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Here we go! It's time to put that game face on. Reading posts from this site and others it looks as though we are ready for Alabama football. That will translate to the field IMHO. I believe we are going to have some hungry players to boot.

Reading report after report, the team is focused and ready. Strength and conditioning, to normal routines, they seem to be on the same page. That my friends is a change from just last year.

Number one recruiting class, to Julio, Mt. Cody and Mark Ingram, this year is going to be exciting. Are we ready for this? Time will tell. I know I am. I am also fully prepared for setbacks and a number of realizations. Conference road games are going to be tough. The Iron Bowl is a must, sick of hearing about fingers.

The first game out of the gate is against a top 10 team with a solid coaching staff and some great RB's on the Clemson side of the ball. It's important to add that if we win we all expect it, how long has it been since we all have really been optimistic about the season? Last year we were optimistic about the Coach, and the setbacks with the 7-6 season brought us back to realization, that we still had a lot of work to do to improve this team.

Make no mistake about it, we still have a lot of improving left to do, but I have no doubt by the end of the season Bama will get a lot of Hype. Mark it. The Clemson game is not a make or break game for us, improvement is, and IMHO it is only a gauge, and if we win it we will set a tone along the lines that other teams will pay attention to what is going on at The Capstone. My guess, other teams already are.

Follow the games as usual, watch the hype meter, bandwagon fans will come in masses, Alabama will make occasional headlines on all of the Southeast rags. Life is good. Are we a National Championship quality team? Soon. Remember the process, remember what it takes in College Football now days to win one, and remember we aren't far off from making another notch in this Awesome Tradition that is know as Alabama Crimson Tide Football.

Roll Tide Beat Clemson!!!!
Very nice post.

I'm mentally on the fence but my gut tells me we pull it off. I'm looking more for improvement signs than a win but I'll take both :lol:

We beat 'em bad our last meeting 56-0. Of course this was all relative to 1975 lol. Completely different football today. They will bring it to us for sure.....but the Tide rolls in for the upset a$#
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