| FTBL Alabama vs. Auburn - Who do you really believe will win?

If you had to place a bet for $2000 straight up, who would you put your money on?

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It Takes Eleven

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'Bama, of course. I think 'Bama would beat Auburn from the beginning of the season... His last game against Georgia was awful and i think it's a great opportunity to break current Auburn winning streak at Iron Bowl...
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As you look at it on paper, the obvious choice would be to put your money on Auburn. But, as the Tigers learned first hand last week, they don't play 'em on paper, they play 'em on grass. Both teams better be ready to dish out and take some hard licks. This is going to be a bitter, ugly game.


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Very good point Reger. I felt Bama would win since before the season started, based on the odds of Auburn ever winning 5 in a row would be very very slim. However, I've lost my confidence. It would be nice to see Auburn on the losing end this year. In fact, I'd love to see another blow out, Georgia style.


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volstink said:
Low Blow Vatz!!! But true.... :oops: LOL!

Buuuuuuuuuttttttt............this is the SEC, and this is the Iron Bowl, and we are BAMA!! ROLL TIDE BABY!!!!!

After last weekend, I'm a firm believer that anything can happen.
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