| FTBL Alabama v Arkansas Predictions

I feel very confident in this game for the following reasons:

1st. The O-line has improved dramatically from last year to this year & from WCU to Vandy. They are executing better & very few penalties (as I recall, I could be wrong). This is promising for three reasons:
a.) The players are in shape therefore less prone to make bad decisions.

b.) The play calling has been effecient, easy to perform, & none revealing to other potential schemes.
c.) A strong O-line will have it's way w/ most teams for the entire game, therefore, ball hogging will be at a premium on Saturday.

2nd. We haven't seen half of what the Passing game is capable of doing. We, as I'm sure the team, are ready to see the WR's light up in this game.

3rd. Is this the coming out party for our D? We've givin up 1 TD & it was from a passing play. Granted it was against week run & pass oriented competition but the fact that we had our way w/ defending the pass against a better passing team in Vandy (compared to the Hogs) makes me feel better about loading the box as necessary to contain the Hogs running game... I think we will be pleasantly surprised by our D.

4th. Arkansas O-Line from last year is gone completely. They were all Seniors that have played together a long time. They don't have them this year, so their running game will be impacted by this in forms of blitz packages that get through or penalties.

5th. Arkansas D has lost some major players (like ours too) such as Houston & Olajabamanu (whatever the spelling) so they will be more pourous on pass protection & pressure.

That said I feel good about saying we win by 10:


Hogs 17

I'm usually not that optimistic so I may be naive on this one...I guess we'll see.

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