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Alabama Fans

By Swamptick

There is a difference between Alabama fans and every other fan in the world.

The difference between Alabama fans and other fans is this: other fans want to win, Alabama fans need to win.

It is this that brings ninety-two thousand fans to a scrimmage. It is this that brings us in record numbers to away games. It is this that unites us year round to form a family bond few will know.

Fans from other schools want their team to win. Some of those fans even make it an emotional priority, but Alabama fans need to win. More than any other fans we feel like the team is ours. We love it.

Coaches come and go. Players come and go. There are good seasons and bad seasons.

The Alabama fan is there to see them all.

We will wait in agony during the off season and pour over every little detail in recruiting and preparation for the next season. We visit forums and think non-stop about the Tide and what the next season will hold. Who is injured? Who is eligible? Did we land that recruit from Oxford High?

We love to watch games when it is 100 degrees out side as much as we love to watch games when it is 20 degrees outside. We don't feel the temperature near as much as we feel the fire inside of us that burns for Alabama football.

We will watch games in the rain and sometimes even the snow with as much vigor as watching a game on a perfect Saturday night at Bryant-Denny.

Alabama fans are faithful. We endure scorn and mockery from pundits and reporters who hate us. They hate us because they don't understand what it is like to be an Alabama fan. They have never been a part of a family this special. They watch us with a mixture of curiosity and envy.

We are Alabama fans. Our enthusiasm is unmatched and our optimism peerless. We are as much a part of the Alabama tradition as the wins and the trophys. The team does not belong to us...we belong to the team.

Just thinking about it gives me chills.

We are Alabama fans and it is great to be from Alabama.
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