| FTBL Alabama back in top 25


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The Tide is back in the top 25 in the AP poll and in the ESPN poll.

I was looking for the better (and more accurate) Las Vegas poll but could not find it.

I was curious as to people's thoughts on this.

We are 24 in the AP poll and 22 in the ESPN poll.

Do we deserve to be? Do we not deserve to be?
And why?
I think we deserve to be. We have played some pretty good football for the most part, and lost to two decent teams. Georgia: Come on. This is an SEC team. Anyone in the SEC can beat you on any given Sat. no matter what your record. Fla ST: Enough said.
It doesn't get much better than this for a coach. A convincing win over a hated opponent, which will give the guys a confidence boost, plus some obvious things from the films that they need to work on.
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