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This cap has been through a lot as you can see! Purchased it the weekend following the April 27th, 2011 tornadoes at the Supe Store. My son and I went to watch the baseball team play South Carolina that weekend series after the tornadoes and the team was wearing these caps. We had to have one! A LOT of sentimental value in this old cap!! Never forget!!
I don't have kids...we all know that. But if I did...

I'd have a wall they can write on..."take your crayons and go." In the end it's just a little sanding and painting. But damn, they had fun.
Like I said, you should see our bedroom wall! It has our great kids drawing, and our older Grand daughter four kids on top of their drawing. Here it is right beside our bed. Will not let the wife paint over it. You cant even see what the grand kids did.received_1438030200366742.jpeg
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