| FTBL A&M to name their man in the morning?

Auburn's Tommy Tuberville, California's Jeff Tedford, Boise State's Chris Petersen and West Virginia's Rich Rodriguez were mentioned in connection with the A&M job, but indications are Sherman was A&M's top choice and really the only coach pursued.

Take that, Tubs! :shock:
Does this mean Turdy Turdyville will NOT be getting all those raises and stuff that it was rumored he might get?

Why has Turdy Tudryville been so evasive about things? BTW I called it. I NEVER thought CTT would go to A&M.
TexAgs has displayed a little bit of everything the last week or so. You've had a small group promoting Sherman, a larger group complaining about the possibility of Sherman. Various groups with "souces" talking about Spurrier, Tubberville, Tedford :roll: , Dob Davey :roll: :roll: and others.

last night there was a lot of dessention and griping about Sherman, and now most of them seem to have given up and jumped on the bandwagon to support the new coach.

I suspect that Tubberville's buyout was just more than TAM wanted to pay given that he may have not been the clear front runner. Tubberville was at worst, maybe one of the top 3 candidates that TAM would have been happy with. Had the money been equal I suspect that Tubberville would have been named instead of Sherman.
Bama Los said:
I wonder if that will make A&M reconsider and while he is still in Houston, they find another coach to replace Sherman????? I just wonder.

That would be funny.
I'm sure it was agreed or approved before they announced his hiring. Had to of been.
Wow, this came out of no where.

Didn't this guy say openly to the press that he wanted to be the Alabama head coach? Flavor of the month I guess... :lol:
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