| FTBL A "heated" locker room

in a way i think that what happened, if true, can be a good thing. locker rooms usually tend to get out of hand for one reason or the other. i know that when 2 people tie up, they usually tend to (once they get over it) come back stronger. gilberry said there was no finger pointing but, there had to be some of some kind for there to be some alleged... "altercations". just spirits running high nothing much more to it in my opinion.

i like it though... they are fired up and thats always good. especially with the barn coming in a couple weeks. i betcha there will be some emotionally charged folks at pratice this week. sorry about 'cha luck war hawks! :D
I will be honest i have supported JPW all year and will do the same for now on but as the QB he needs to be the leader and stand up by the way big AL what was the video about
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