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A few weeks ago Tider 27 asked about Garnier (transfer, walked on from Ohio State) and I think he's got a good chance to contribute. He's getting a good push (in his bull rushing assignments) and could figure into our line rotation. Based on his size, he's got the ability to take some snaps on the inside and outside (speed/feet.)

Chapman will be a fan favorite. In fact, over the last decade it's hard to make a comparison with him and another player you would recognize. He's got a motor like Jarred Johnson, as big but in better shape that Rudy Griffin and he certainly seems to have as much speed as we've seen out of DE's.

Speaking of DE's, it looks like Greenwood may be growing into a a solid contributor. Deadrick was out there, but it's hard to keep eyes off of the guys you have your questions about.

I've had concerns about the defense, overall, knowing we have some issues. But, I have to say I am impressed with what is developing here. There is no doubt we still have some depth issues but if we can get through this season without significant injuries our 1's should do a good job. We ended up finishing in the top 30 in defense last season and I expect to see that improve this year.

One thing we didn't see a lot last season during spring camp were stunts along the line. Yesterday, it was apparent the team has developed under Saban's system evidenced by more stunts along the DL. I've wondered if we'd see improvement in our pass rush and I'm optimistic we will.

JJ looks to be "there" when it comes to our run coverage packages, but that something that can't clearly be defined considering we ran pass play 3X as more as running plays. He still looks a little "lost" at times, almost as if he's thinking through the play..which, is understandable.

One thing covered in the podcast was Arenas, and I haven't changed my mind that he's the guy at our other corner.

I do still wonder what personnel we'll see next year when we move to nickel and dime packages. Sharrief is coming in on passing downs now, and Woodall seems to be progressing as well. Johnson has run with the ones opposite Jackson when we've been in the nickel package as well.

With all three defensive groups I could throw out questions...but, overall, we are a lot further on now then we were a year ago.

Just as a caveat, I don't put a thing into scrimmage stats. But, the offense did do pretty well in terms of yards gained and TD's. It was a lot of 1's versus 2's so it's hard to put an opinion out on how the fall will turn out. But, there are bright spots emerging.

I'm still of the opinion Hanks is going to be a household name in the fall; and not just at Bama. He's seeing most of his time in the slot. If we bring BJ or Smelley into those backup roles it'll be a solid rotation and I'm not forgetting Maze either.

Alexander and McCoy are coming along. A nod to Coach Cignetti here because you can see improvement with our WR's in how they are using their bodies to keep DB's off the ball. (Hanks is something to watch in those drills)

Mechanically, JPW looks a lot better than last year. He's still dealing with balls that are under/over thrown but a lot of that can be corrected with more reps with his WR corps. I see some problems with the timing issues on the longer routes, but like we discussed a few weeks ago the screen, slip screen, flat attack, etc., is coming along well. He's looked sharp on those routes.

Hard to say much about the RB's...they didn't get a lot of work. Right now, I'd say we leave spring with Grant as the #1 guy. In the fall, unless a few things change, I expect Grant and Coffee as our main guys and won't be shocked at all if Ingram (was in T-town this weekend from what I was told) fits in as well.

As evidenced by comments during the press conference I still see a question mark beside Upchurch's name. Talent isn't a question mark.

Nick Walker looks to be our one of our "go to" guys. Dail, seeing action at FB, is doing well. It's going to be interesting seeing how the snaps end up being distributed next season.

One thing that shows you how this spring differs from last spring is the last few practices this spring are going to include some game preparation for next season with the team seeing things from other teams.

And so it continues...
Thanks for all the info Terry, glad to hear Garnier is going to contribute. He looked like a beast against Vlachos, so I'm hopeful he can do the same next season. I'm starting to believe Hanks is going to be a playmaker for us next season. I like what I see from him in his videos, come fall I wouldn't mind seeing the ball in his hands.
That was a horrible post Terry! You should be ashamed! :D

Regarding Arenas, I have a feeling his success will be in some way affected by the pressure the front 7 get on the QB. Teams could take advantage of his height if they have all day in the pocket. Hopefully his speed (straight coverage speed and make-up speed) will counter the height disadvantage most of the time. I look forward to seeing him starting this fall.
Regarding Upchurch, what did you mean when you said talent was not a question mark?

Did you mean that he has the talent but there might be other issues with him or that his talent was in question?

Swamptick said:
Regarding Upchurch, what did you mean when you said talent was not a question mark?

Did you mean that he has the talent but there might be other issues with him or that his talent was in question?


There isn't a question he has ability.
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