| BSB/SB ⚾#23 Alabama vs. Ole Miss; Bama takes series with 10-3 Saturday win.

I don't know if you can put any blame on JJ. We desperately need better pitchers and more depth in our bull pen.

I will always appreciate Jackson for holding the team together last year and doing what he did in a very difficult situation. And, last year, his pitching staff as a whole had finally made some strides. But, I do think he's overrated as a pitching coach. I was good with Bama/Vaughn keeping him for now though because Vaughn needed some SEC experience on the staff and the continuity he provided helped in a couple of areas, both on and off the field. I'm also not quite sure Vaughn was (is) capable of making the necessary/needed hire to replace him yet, but I think he'll get there soon. He's still on his SEC Learning Journey right now, not to mention how young he still is.

As far as the staff, they've got some talented arms, but a few of the guys have leveled off in their improvement, which is concerning.
Hamiter gets the start today, Sleight sits. Sleight has had a tough season, especially in SEC play. Would really like to see him recalibrate. This is a big opportunity for Hamiter though, a guy who showed a ton of promise early in his Bama career but just hasn’t ever really been the same (trajectory wise) since his foot injury.

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