| FTBL 2005 Defensive Highlights

yea that 'D' was one of Bama's best in the last 15+ years. Mark Anderson, Rudy Griffin, Wallace Gillberry, Juwan Simpson, Demeco Ryans, Freddie Roach, Charlie Peprah, Roman Harper, Ramzee Robinson, Anthony Madison, Simeon Castille. thats some talent right there boys. one of the craziest things about that defense ('02-'05) was how good Charlie Peprah was at CB but because of all the depth we had there and didnt have at Safety he was forced to move. i wonder just how good he would've gotten at Corner if he didnt have to move.

and it really seems like alot of ppl forgot so quickly just how good that '05 team was. it just hurts that much more when u think about "what coulda" happened had #4 not gone down against Florida. i honestly believe he would've at least been in the heisman talk.
Thanks for the post Tommy, great memories of the '05 season. Ditto to what Birdaman said, I just wonder "what coulda" happend if #4 didn't go down. Such an added benefit and pure HEART on the field.

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