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Okay, I've been watching for a long time on TV. I watched The Bear win a few National Championships all the way to seeing my first live game UCLA v. Bama in the Rose Bowl... the beginning of the end.

Now, I get to go to my first home game November 1st for homecoming. I get to leave the kid at home and go with my wife. But, we have to drive 5 hours to get to T-town. We leave Sat. morning and have to return Sunday morning.

Where should we look for a hotel, where should we go, what should we do? Any advice?
best bet will probably be to get a hotel somehwere between B'ham and Montgomery, assuming you come up 65. T-town is most likely booked solid. Since its probably going ot be a day game, the drive wont be bad after the game.
rammajamma said:
You may already be too late to get a room in T-Town. Which way are you coming from?

Anything decent in Tuscaloosa is gone. Go ahead and book in B'ham. I usually stay in B'ham just because I can never get a room in Tuscaloosa. All of the good hotels in T'town have contracts that are bid on year to year. There are still plenty of rooms for homecoming in B'ham. Don't wait too long though. I was just looking @ rates and info. this a.m. I just booked a room for the entire Ole Miss weekend and am about to do so for homecoming.

My husband does all of his business travel with Marriott, so we're partial to those for the points. Marriott.com is easy to navigate but so are other web sites as well. Some fans have told me there is a decent hotel in Vance (where the Mercedes plant is), but I'm not sure about the chain. It might be a Jameson Inn. There is also a brand new Hilton Garden Inn and Fairfield Inn in Bessemer on the Tuscaloosa side of B'ham.

Let me know if you need any more help. Right now it's pretty easy.
Looks like hotels.com has a few room still available in Tuscaloosa. They are a little pricey (Hilton Garden Inn around $259/night) compared to deals you can still get in the Birmingham area.

Virtually all the Marriotts in Birmingham are still available at very reasonable rates. If you want full service for the wife, the Birmingham Marriott has rooms for $130 and there's a Renaissance Golf Resort in Hoover for $189. There's also a Residence Inn in Homewood for $109 and another Residence Inn in Hoover for $104.

I'd book now. You can always cancel later.

Y'all have fun.
Thanks for the tips. Where is Hoover? I'm 5 hours away on the gulf of mexico east of P'cola. My wife is letting me go with my dad or a friend.

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