| FTBL Zeke Knight back in action after health scare...

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After a stellar high school career at Randolph County, Knight began his career as a wide receiver despite being bigger than many defensive linemen.
I always thought he would be better on defense side of the ball.

Actually, there is one other significant item regarding Knight: the NCAA granted him a medical redshirt for last season, giving him an extra year of eligibility. Technically, he’s a junior again.
Am so glad he got the red shirt here. And not one time was it wrote about in ours weekly paper. But then again for the last 10 or more years the sport guy has came out of the barn yard.

PH thanks for the link.
I too, thought that he belonged on the defensive side of the ball, he just never really seemed to have natural hands...plus he was oversized. Good to see that we'll have him returning as a LB next year as well
It is definately great news that he is feeling better and that he is adding depth for us at OLB! I've been a huge Zeek fan ever since watching him DOMINATE the 2A State Championship Game a few years ago!
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