| FTBL Will this Hoover kid get to play...

Porterhouse said:
As of now, Josh Champman is eligible and I see no reason for that to change.

You talking about Josh Chapman or Kerry Murphy? Murphy enrolled at Hargrave Military Academy and if all goes well, should re-sign with us next Feb.
rolltide65 said:
Chapman He is the one with the grade changing scandle, right?

Yes, that is him. He is enrolled at BAMA, and unless something really unforeseen occurs, he will remain eligible. He is probably 3rd on the depth chart right now at nose tackle, and will almost certainly play some this season
Thanks, I don't get all the tid bits of news here in MS. Thats why I rely on you guys. All of you do a super job!!!!!! Can not wait till SAT. Really Thurs because thats when the best time of the year begins.
COLLEGE FOOTBALL I am pulling for Crooms and the dogs, but don't see much of a chance for them
Thanks and keep up the great work
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