| FTBL Whos got the rudest fans in the SEC?

Most teams have more than their fair share. I walked up to my seats with about five 20-something year old vol fans who were among the most obnoxious I've seen, but every other vol fan I encountered Saturday were just fine. I've personally encountered similar Florida, LSU and Georgia fans. I've worked and lived with aubrun fans who were even worse. My obnoxious Florida friends complain mightily about FSU folks, and that seems to ring true for our fans who went to Jacksonville.

The worst rival fan is usually the one you have to be around the most.


Personally, the worst I have encountered are LSU fans followed closely by Florida. I would rank UT third. What kills me the most is how LSU fans can somehow be arrogant. Correct me if I'm wrong, but haven't they only been relevant for about 4 years. Come on people, act like you've been there before. Oh wait, they haven't.
Normally, it's which fan group you run into that has drank more than they should. I've had bad experiences at every SEC venue. But, I've also had great experiences at all those places as well.

Ignore them. Period.

Reminds me of a story...when we were visiting UCLA, after the game there was this one kid that was verbally attacking an older couple as they were leaving. It last about 30 seconds until a group of guys (football player sized) beat the living tar out of him. Those guys were UCLA fans.
My assistant is an LSU fan and she remarked today how on her home LSU board, that the Bama fans were coming out in droves being obnoxious. I responded by saying that on this forum we run across good and bad rival fans and from my experience, no school was exempt from a-hole fans, including Bama.

Based on what I've seen on this forum, Auburn fans seem to be the most likely to troll, second to LSU fans -- which seem to have an enormous chip on their shoulder. I was surprised to see that the Tennessee fans that visited over the last week or so were a lot less obnoxious than I had anticipated. I think losing suits Tennessee fans. It makes them a lot nicer.
I'll have to take up somewhat for LSU fans. Back during the Mike Archer-Gerry Dinardo years, a friend and I had LSU season tickets, so I got to see Bama every other year. For that game, my bud wore his purple and gold while I wore my crimson and white. The LSU folks around our seats couldn't have been nicer. 'Course, that might have been because I pulled for LSU in all their other games. The rude ones (and there were some) were the 20-something frat boys who were drunk when they came and drunk when they left and always had some inane comment when they saw me in my colors. The older ones, 30 and up, were very gracious, whether they beat us or we beat them.
Two experiences: In February after LSU won the NC (under who, but I digress) my better half and I went to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. It rained one day we were there so we drove down to Baton Rouge and went to the campus store and I bought him LSU NC stuff (shirt, coffee mug, tag etc) for his birthday which was a few days away. I drove on the way back to New Orleans as he ooohed and ahhhed appropriately over his new stuff. All the while, he was giving me highlights from the NC run of LSU that season. That was the longest hour or so drive of my life and right outside of NO, I'd had enough. I told him, "It feels great knowing that your team won the National Championship, doesn't it?" He answered me with a "Yeah, it really feels great." I told him to multiply that feeling times 12 and that's what it's like to be an Alabama fan. He didn't say another word all the way back to the hotel. (I know, I know but c'mon I held back for almost a whole hour!)

Second story: My better half and I went Talladega this past race. we got the camper set up and the awning out and everything ready and we decided to run to the Wal-Mart (HELL) in Pell City to pick up some meat for the grill for the weeknd (last minute stuff.) We were pushing the buggy across the parking lot and Paul was wearing his LSU hat. As we were loading the groceries into the truck, a guy was walking towards us in the parking lot pushing a new 10 speed bike. He, too was wearing an LSU hat and spoke to Paul. They talked and he was in town for the race etc. He said, "So you guys are LSU fans and you live here?? That must be tough." Paul said he was an LSU fan, but that I wasn't. He asked who I pulled for and I pointed to my crimsonpurse in the buggy with the big white script A on it. The guy remarked something to the effect that "Oh, the team that stole our coach." I leaned back, crossed my arms, looked him in the eye and asked him to explain his statement to me. To explain how he could feel that way. That they (LSU fans) owed Saban gratitude for turning that program around after DiNardo and taking them to a NC. They owed him gratitude for bringing in top recruits that even now Miles is benefiting from. To tell me how they could be bitter about Saban coming to Alabama because I didn't see a spot open up on the LSU coaching staff to make room for him. I also reminded him that he left LSU to go the Dolphins and then came to Alabama. Basically just barraged him with logical facts and asked for logical reasons in return. He had none. He looked at Paul for help and Paul said, "You got her started. That was definitely the wrong statement to make."

My vote: LSU fans.
H-Lady, I know whereof you speak. I've told this before, but I was verbally assaulted in the grocery store by an LSU fan (a lady I know) who said the exact same thing about stealing "our coach." I replied, "I didn't know Les Miles was coming to Alabama." She said no more. :lol:
Definition of a fence from Wiki:
In law enforcement, a fence is an individual who knowingly buys stolen property for later resale in a (usually) legitimate market. As a verb, the word describes the behavior of the thief in the transaction:The burglar fenced the radio.

The fence is able to make a significant profit because he is able to pay thieves a very low price for stolen goods; thieves agree to this because their alternatives (such as directly soliciting passersby on a crowded street, or selling the goods on eBay or at a flea market) may present a greater risk of the thief being caught, and will take more time. The fence then disguises the stolen nature of the goods, if possible, and is then able to sell them at or near the usual wholesale price.

Depending on the stolen item, the fence may attempt to remove, deface, or replace serial numbers on the stolen item before reselling it.

Fencing is illegal almost everywhere, usually under a similar rationale as in the United States, where receipt of stolen property is a federal crime. Occasionally police will temporarily set up a fencing operation in order to let the word spread that a good fence is available in the area, and then trap a number of thieves.

Pawnbrokers have often been associated with fencing, though in many jurisdictions, government ID must be shown in order to pawn an item. In any event, pawnbrokers vigorously resist this characterization.

So since we stole Nick Saban from LSU, does that make the Dolphins a "fence"?
CrimsonPirate said:
H-Lady, I know whereof you speak. I've told this before, but I was verbally assaulted in the grocery store by an LSU fan (a lady I know) who said the exact same thing about stealing "our coach." I replied, "I didn't know Les Miles was coming to Alabama." She said no more. :lol:

Man, LSU fans must really be mad at the Miami Dolphins! :lol:

I'm gonna say Ga. Bulldog fans. I have had way too many encounters with them. Coming up in a close second, Florida fans. :roll:
Tennessee fans are definitely the worst I've encountered. I've been in Knoxville game week and even the cashiers in the stores or the guys who pump gas are rude if you are wearing Bama gear. Granted, I've never been in Baton Rouge for game week. The Hogs I've encountered have been pretty good folks. Barners are just barners, mildly annoying but not worth getting riled over.
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