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Who will win the SEC East?

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East is going to be pretty good this year as well with Spurrier back on the sidelines..... I believe it is a good 2-3 years away though until you worry about South Carolina...hes playing with Holtz's players, not his own.

Tenn. is looking for a championship year, as well as Florida. Florida is loaded with talent, but will the new coach's system be enough to win a championship? Georgia lost alot, but D.J. Shockley by no means is an inexperienced qb....and has the talent around him to do well (that big ass TE of theres, Pope, is a HOSS).

Just like the West, 3 teams in the East will probably be in the mix for the division title.
I think the East will be much like the West in which 3 teams will be fighting it out for the division title. UF, UT & UGA. I think the Gators are going to win it though. Would it not be ironic if the SECCG ended up being Bama vs UF again?
I think UT has more than anybody else. Although I'm more inclined to go with FLorida long term....I still think they are a year away. UT was the second best team in the SEC last year with a true FR. QB and lost no significant players over the offseason. I think they win the SEC too.
I actually thing UGA wins it this year. I know they've got a question mark at QB. However, i think Urban the Turban may be in for a rude awakening this year and UT has a tough road schedule. Not only do I think UT's defense is overrated, but with that road schedule, UT could have three conference losses before the end of October. (LSU, UF, and either UGA or us).

At this point I'd have to favor UT. I know that most of the sports news people are predicting them to take the East.

1. As far as UT goes, I think Ainge will show a lot of consistancy this year after getting a lot of time last season. The question marks will be at reciever and possibly at RB. There have been rumblings coming out of Knox-Vegas regarding Riggs and him possibly being ineligible due to the fact he can't read or write his own name.

Now, most people here will say,.."they'll get him eligible" and that may be true, but the fact that this originated on a UT board might mean more. That could turn into a situation so stay tuned there.

2. UGA has a good shot as anyone but losing like 7 key players is going to hurt.

3. UF might be the sexy pick but I'd still like to see them in a couple of games first. I do think they're a team on the rise though. I'm not sure this year is their year though?
As bad as I hate to admit it, I think UT will win the east. Like chop said, I think UGA lost to many key folks. Urban will do good things at UF, but I don't think it will happen in his first year. Spurrier will sooner or later have USC contending for the east, but he's gonna have to get some of his type players in there first, so it will be a couple of years.

I think Ainge is going to be a heck of a QB. I'm not sure what kind of receivers UT has other than one guy (Swain), nad even if Riggs does flunk out, UT always has a good backup RB.
It is really just an up and down race.

UT has a terrible secondary that was a joke most of the time last year.

UF has defense troubles as well and is entering a brand new offensive system that if not properly played can suffer the entire team.

UGA lost some key players but also returns a good bit.

The so-called Pre-Season East champ hasnt won the East since 2000. Thus, I pick UGA
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