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Which team do you hate the most?

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It's Notre Dame for me. I don't think it's Tennessee I hate (intensely dislike) as much as it is their head coach. Bama-UT used to be one of the great rivalries in college football and neither team hated the other. The school did nothing to us. Phat Phil, on the other hand . . . :roll:

Btw, one of the halftime shows actually called Fulmer "Phat Phil". Can't remember who or where, but I 'bout dropped my teeth when I heard it.
well, tennessee is worse for me. i live in tennessee and the problem for me is that UT fans always pick the fight, i never start the trash talk, it's always gotta be some loyal phat phil fans
I don't really hate UT, just the orange hippo on the sideline. As for Notre Damn, I think there's a chance that every single one of their fans could be a
I loathe Tutorsee with a blinding sort of hatred. Maybe the ND rivalry was a bit before my time, I don't know. I don't like the preferential treatment that they get or anything, don't get me wrong, but I reserve all my blackest hatred for UcheaT.
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