| FOOD What's the highest you paid for liquor?

Between $220 and $240...on Blue Label Johnny Walker. I have about a third of a bottle left that I bought last Christmas. I have a Cabernet that was about $200. 2018 Caymus.

This is like a new pair of shoes. A new mattress. You buy for quality.

One glass of that wine? Yeah, that's enough. Two and you're ... well, ya know. A couple of ounces of the Scotch? Yep.


I've been to a few Bourbon/Cigar bars. Those prices are CRAZY!
I’ve paid $1300 for a bottle of whistle pig, for a gift…

Now I was on a cruise with some fellas drinking macallen 1950!!!!!!
I didn’t have any but the server said it was around $65,000 a bottle!!!! One of the guys had it shipped in for the cruise. I need to check with my ex-wife to see if she remembers the other whiskeys these guys had. It was impressive….
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