| LIFE Is it just me, or do TV stations just not care about morning anchors any longer?


Caveat: I didn't come up with this question. Just ran into someone I went to school with. This was an actual conversation this morning...

"As the LPGA gets more attractive, the 'WLTV' morning anchors get...fat."

Yes, that made me laugh.

"You wake up, turn the TV on, and see people who don't give a shit about how they look. So, what's your day going to be like. Why should I give a shit?"

Now, I'm almost crying...

@musso you said I said odd things.
I mentioned to my wife the other day that Birmingham deserves an award for the ugliest TV bunch in the US.
There was a girl that came through Charleston a few years ago from Birmingham. I can't remember her name. She was cute. She would also fuck a door knob. I don't know where she is now. I'd image the dozen's of guys she slept with can say the same thing. WEIRD girl.

I was involved in a place called North Park Grill back then. We had 24 pool tables. She was...good. I can't tell you how many guys came up to me and asked about her. All I said was, "I understand she can handle a stick." Very few got the joke.
The ones at 42 are the better looking but honestly the weather is the only time I look at local stations.
I've lived here long enough. I can walk outside and tell you what's going to happen in the next few hours. It's the only gauge you can use. The Cooper and the Ashley change storms; the reservoir literally moves them it seems.

I do look at the weather forecasts in the mornings occasionally. But, it's mostly wondering how different one will be with the next. The varying 'degrees' make me laugh. I hear these guys say "grab an umbrella this morning because we'll have storms at 10" and I'm looking at that tide times and saying, "grab a boat."
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