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Will Shula spice the offense up any next year?

  • Are you kidding me? This is Mike Shula we're talking about.

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  • This offense is already like a big ole flaming Jalapeno pepper it's so spicy!

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  • Never cared for spicy food myself.

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for me it was pretty spicy until TP went down then things kinda went south in a hurry. I don't think it was because of the play calling but more of the Wr's just flat out sucked and something is wrong with BC, early on he was throwing the deep bomb with the accuracy of a pro then it seemed when he had that knee hit and started wearing the brace things were just plain off like SP the year before wide open receiver overthrown by five yds...
I think alot of people will be pleasently surprised with JPW and his ability to throw on the run but with the OL pick ups he may be able to stand back there for more than a second.... I want to see more KD and MF outside the tackles that play worked wonders last year and not one game did we run it more than twice a half, gotta run it til they stop it then hit them with a PA or a up the gut... Hopefully CMS will work all this out and give our young D some help this year..
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