| FTBL What should we be ranked now?

It really depends on what Wisky does against Fresno. Fresno is a good team, but Wisky may not escape - 13-7 right now in the 3rd and Fresno is first and goal @ the 9...

We are 11 right now. We will jump tOSU and jumping the barn is a possibility.

9 is very likely...8 is possible.
thebutcher said:
10-th or 9th.

10th is an auto - we will jump tOSU.

9th if we jump a barn or Wisky loses.

8 if Wisky loses and we jump the barn.

We will make a good move in the USA Today poll, since Kansas and Oregon also lost. Texas Tech has no business being ranked as high as they are, unfortunately it will be November before they get exposed. We have to take care of business.
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