| FTBL What is our chances of playing in the SECCG

What is our chances of playing in the SECCG

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Major is right, even if we win out we are at the mercy of the Hogs :roll:. I think the Hogs stand a great chance of losing to UT & LSU but not sure about anyone else. If that happens they still win out unless LSU wins the rest of their games.

We just need to mind our own business & impact what we can impact. If we win out & along w/ the hogs, this will leave a sour taste in our mouth ;pu & be focused to never let a game like that get out a hand again. It was ours to lose & we gave it away.

Finally, this team has to continue to focus on fundamentals & executing their gameplan for each team on Saturday. Any focus on anything else will push them off the edge possibilities at this point...UT is too good to be focusing on anything else.
USC has been looking for an upset this season... I think they may pull one out against Arkie. IF Arkie beats USC.. our chances are gone. period... but more importantly we need to beat Tenn. We havn't earned the right to play for the SECCG yet
RollTideRandy said:
I don't think it's too hard to imagine Ark losing to South Carolina, UT, and LSU.

Very possible indeed.

I said Still Alive because we arn't dead yet. We won't know until Arkansas plays their 3 games capable of losing and 'Bama wins theirs.

Just looking at it...you would have to be crazy to think it will happen, although if it does...wouldn't that be something. :lol:
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