| FTBL TV on quad

Im not sure why they didnt just move it to the other side of the quad. It was just a traffic snag getting to and from the stadium at its old location.

I think across from Denny Chimes would have been a suitable location
i really didn't mind them moving it to the soccer field.

we went down for the tennessee game and didn't notice the big screen anywhere. i asked someone who works for the university and they said they were gonna have it at the soccer field from now on.

it frees up more room on the quad for tail-gaters. and there's always quite a few people on the quad with a satellite and a tv with the game on.

two weeks ago we watched the game with some very nice people we met who were set up next to us on the quad. we had a great view of the stadium when all the ut fans starting flooding out of Bryant-Denny Stadium during the 3rd quarter.
They just had the guy from UA Gameday on the radio and they said they moved it out there so there would be more room for people to watch, more room on the quad for tailgaters, and he said it also frees up space for foot traffic before and after the game.
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