| FTBL Trouble in Knoxville

He was suspended between the last regular season game and the bowl game last year, too. It may be grade/class attendance related. Up here, they don't require them to pass, just to attend class, apparently. I have no doubt he will be in there by the end of the first quarter of the California season opener, in Cali. Phil is famous for the 1 or 2 quarter suspensions. He thinks he is a tough diciplinarian.
rammerjammer said:
He'll be back in good graces by the time season gets to rolling good. I'll be shocked otherwise.

Forgiveness is a beautiful thing and the fine, fine administration in Knoxville should be in active deliberation right about now with the ministers. Many of whom happen to be season ticket holders and boosters of UT. The consensus shall be that YES, this man has been forgiven, and SHALL be reinstated in time for the football season...

For it is written.

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