| FTBL Top five most obnoxious college football fan bases.


I definitely agree with two of his top 5. Tennessee and Ohio State … but he obviously hasn’t been to a game at cow patty u. Though I also agree with addition of Oklahoma mentioned later they wouldn’t make my top 6. Auburn, Tennessee, UGA, Ohio State, Clemson and LSU do.

How about your top 5 or 6 list?

Every program has their "fans" as such
So it boils down to who you have been around

The 50+ 5:
..Tennessee ( omg they think so highly of themselves to have done so little)
..Auburn ( littlesis complex)
..Florida ( for so many reasons...been around so long with so little to show for)
..Ole ms ( the preppies in their coats andties and so shitty forever it seems..Hotty toddy)
..texas ( because things are just bigger in texas)

Recently....on away games bama fans want to get in the top 5.... winning makes one feel they can do whatever
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