| FTBL Tommy's Hunting Trip

I'm sure they look good with some cow chips scattered about. Kinda natural look. I think Tubs mounted them both. Is there any teams on his list that have sheep as mascots? :shock:
RollllTide! said:
billfish said:
Pimp My Eagle

Hosted by Tommy Tuberville
Co Host Jimmy Sexton

Sounds more like he had his hog & eagle mounted in his game room hay barn.

One of the posters on Arkansas' Scout forum posted something yesterday stating that he saw a trend. The trend was basically that all of Sexton's clients needed a raise. Arkansas has totally been pimped by Sexton in the last week. I do almost feel sorry for them because Sexton has played them up one side and down the other. His clients are richer for it but it this type thing still leaves a sour taste in my mouth.
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