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Growing Up Alabama:

By Swamptick

I grew up in the shadow of Bryant-Denny stadium.
I remember those fall days where I would spend the night at my friends house and get up at the crack of dawn to get to my fathers buisness on the Strip to breathe the air on Saturday morning....on gameday. It is something I wish everyone could experience.

There is something about the air on those Saturday mornings in Tuscaloosa Alabama. Something I have not found anywhere else. Walking in a sea of Crimson shirts, smiling at people you have never met and exchanging "Roll Tide's" with every other person you see is special. Strolling under the ancient oaks and red brick buildings on campus and going nowhere in particular.

Do you smell that barbeque? Smells good doesn't it? You know, I think I will stop at this vendor and look at these Alabama hats and coffee cups. I am not going to buy one...I just love seeing that Alabama logo over and over again.

There go some fans from the visiting team. You know, I almost feel sorry for them. They just don't know what it is like to be from Alabama. To know that we really are the best. Of course to a little boy who grew up on campus, the Crimson Tide really is the good guys.

It was something I truly believed in the bottom of my heart. We were the good guys. Those poor saps from the other team would have no idea what hit them. Alabama was going to win.

I think it is time to head over to the quad and see what there is to see! On the beautiful lawn in front of the Library there is almost so much to see and do I don't even know where to start. Hey! There are some cheerleaders....might be a good idea to go get some pictures made with them. They are always so nice to a nine year old. Deep down inside I hope they are always this nice to me. I'll bet they will be....after all...these are not just any Cheerleaders. These girls are wearing Crimson and White. They are the goodguys.

I sure am glad I brought my football today. I see so many people I know out here. I am sure I can round a few up so that I can lead a team to victory. Of course...we always had to play as Alabama vs Alabama. Nobody wanted to be anyone else where I grew up. I think I will be Snake Stabler today. The quarterback on the team I am playing is Joe Namath. This is going to be one heck of a game. Alabama was going to win.

After all that football I think it is time to go back to my dad's store and get a Coke. Of course I don't have to even go that far. There are so many hospitable Alabama fans lining University Blvd I think I will just cruise until I find someone I know and walk up and ask for a Coke.

I see the adults are enjoying beer and blood marys already. Somehow on football Saturdays, it always made things seem more festive. These stuffy adults are having a good time too and letting their hair down. They know what I know of course. Alabama was going to win.

I can't help but smile now all these years and all these fond memories later. The good memories did not stop as I got older. They are just as good now as they were then, even if they are a little different. There is just something about an Alabama home game that brings the twinkle back to my eye, that makes me feel young and full of hope. I can feel it in my soul and smell it in the air on those special Saturday mornings in Tuscaloosa Alabama. I think we all know what that feeling is.

Alabama is going to win.
Great post man. I really understand the "good guys" part of your post. I have always felt like Alabama represents the good and teams such as Auburn and Tennessee represent the bad. Every time I have been to Auburn I have had a sense of evil in the air. Everytime I go to T-Town I have a sense of good. Almost a religious type of feeling. I just wish Saturday would get here!
Great post! I know exactly what you mean. Every game I've ever been to, I have always gotten goosebumps everytime that elephant lets out that mighty sound. You walk around campus and you just feel "better" than all of those "other school" fans, you hold your head up high, no matter if you won or lost.

Thanks for sharing!
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