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i caught some flack here before the ole miss game and even dating back to before the season about our inability to throw the long ball (and by long ball i mean 40 yds or more).

don't get me wrong.... the most important thing a football team can have besides a great defense is a strong running game.... but when teams focus on your running game there isn't much better than setting them up and knocking them down by play action bombs right over their head for quick scores.

the ability of this team to effectively throw the long ball will be the difference in whether or not we can remain undefeated this season. at some point we're probably going to have to come back from a deficit in a game. i look forward to seeing how JPW and the passing part of the offense responds.

if it were not for the two connections last week to Maze and McCoy, we'd likely be 6-1 this week.
A few weeks ago I was talking with a former defensive back for Alabama. I didn't bring the subject up, he did.

One thing that I agree with him on in this regard is this. It's not the point of whether we complete the long ball or not. If you have CB's being beaten on long routes, the same thing is accomplished. They'll lay off the LOS because they know they can be beaten.

FWIW, I suspect we'll be throwing underneath their secondary this coming weekend.
Again, the deep ball looks good but the quick hitter that turns into a huge gain ( Julio's first catch) look just as good. The yards after the catch to me tell more about our passing game. Being a former QB, I love the deep ball but it can be very iffy. Coach Homer Smith used to tell us that the ball should be thrown 42 yards in the air. That was from the 7 step drop to completion. If you threw it deeper, you held on to the ball too long and the secondary recovered. Go back and look at the 90 yard bomb that Jeff Dunn hit Pierre Goode with against TN in 87 at Legion Field. That ball was thrown perfectly. The deep ball will come and JPW will hit it. Don't worry he'll come through when it's needed.
I miss the long ball big plays just as much as anyone but what we need is to get the ball to Julio and Maze more I dont care how we do it.
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