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Spend enough time on a message board and it becomes world of stylized, outsized characters that can look like anything they want in their avatars, stand for anything they want in their sig-lines, and strike any pose they want in their posts. The posturing loudmouth calling you douche-tastic for thinking the Rox were going to take the Sox in six might actually be 5'2", 275 pounds with brown teeth and a wart over his eye, but as far as you know he's William Hurt from Altered States. The ghetto philosopher with a lyric from a Cannibal Ox song as his sig might be white, forty-nine, and a family man. In the real world, they might be totally ineffectual. Here, like DeNiro's in Heat, their word counts. They have reputations to uphold and parts to play.

I guess I spend too much time on message forums...I could literally think of examples to just about everyone of these...

Here the link
who you callin' a posturing loudmouth?

Pretty funny but true too. Internet message boards become their own little communities where personalities abound. I guess that's part of why we enjoy them so much.
Swamptick said:
I eat babies and am not even human. I am actually an alien. During the day, while all of you are at work....I shed my skin and breath dryer lint.

I knew it, my aluminum foil hats don't lie :shock:
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