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...just looks horrible doesn't it. I know Clemson has a good defense but hopefully this is a sign of things for FSU htis year. it will certainly help us when we play them. If we can get them one-dementional it'll go a long way in that game.
StuckNMS said:
they look alot more beatable than I kinda figured they would be. very overrated. we'll probably see Xavier Lee pretty soon.

By the time 'Bama rolls into Jax, my bet is that Lee will be the starter. He's got the wheels, but (obviously) his passing game is more pathetic than Weatherfords.
I gotta say though, FSU play-makers are just letting Weatherford down big time tonight though! The guy has stood in there and delivered the ball while taking shots and the receivers can't catch a cold.

Lee might see the field but in defense of Weatherford, I think he's done his part for most of tonight.
The o line is bad! They look out of sink the whole game. Very beatable when we play them, but we got to take care of Vandy first.
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