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Yes,They've got the team.

  • No,because they're are to many good teams they play.

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I think he means Vols, so I'll move it off the Pro Forum to the Alabama (college) football forum.

Well, scratch that. I'm not a mod on this forum...Bonski will have to do it.
UcheaT will probably have a better team than last year. They do have some talent for sure. They do have some player problems too. Maybe Fat-I-Mus Phil has resolved those issues. Time will tell. Don't expect them to roll over. They'll be pushing again for the SEC East; most likely against UF.

As far as them playing against Bama; I think Bama has just as good a chance of beating them as they did last year. Bama should be better this year. Not where we want them just yet; but better none the less. Let's just hope that we take them this year and get on the road to "TURN AROUND LANE".
Like Be Crimson said, UT will be better than last year but so will we. I also think we stand a good chance of beating them. This series has had so many near misses for us in recent years we're just due!
Yeah, i see a "fired up" Bama squad on BD field with 85,000 screaming crimson fans. Oh yeah, a few orange ones in the crowd too. It will be an electrifying atmosphere for sure before the game starts.

IMAGINE: Bama is leading at the half 17-3. The Tide comes back on the field and BD erupts so loud they can hear it down in Opelika (home of au).

The Tide scores again in the 3rd. Now, it's 24-3. ut scores another field goal. Now 24-6 at the end of the 3rd. The 4th qrtr starts and all you see is 4 fingers held high by 85,000 fans. The Tide is pumped high. They don't want this one to get away. BC throws a bomb and Bama is now 31-6. ut tries to score but the Bama "D" sacks Clausen for a big loss and a fumble. Bama recovers. The Tide (with 2 minutes left) marches down the field. BC throws another TD and the Tide has just locked up the vols and taken Fat I Mus Phil's donuts away from him. BD is rocking. Sidewalks in Opelika are cracking. The ncaa pukes are throwing up. Bama moves into the top 10. T-town is a big party.

And, we're all very happy!
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